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Special Thanks To


The Hervey Family Non-endowment Fund at the San Diego Foundation

                                                                              for their generous donation of $10,000

Community Service Association of San Diego Unified School District

for their generous donation of an $800 grant for gas cards.

Peninsula Shepherd Center volunteer drivers received $25 gas cards as a Christmas "Thank You" for their commitment to PSC.

Planned Giving

Peninsula Shepherd Center (PSC) was incorporated into a stand alone 501 c(3), in 1983 through the efforts of a coalition of churches in the Peninsula communities of Point Loma, Ocean Beach and the Midway/Sports Arena areas within the City of San Diego.

In 1993, the Goodell Family Trust named PSC as one of its residual beneficiaries. Dr. and Mrs. Goodell were clients in the PSC volunteer driver program. 

If you are interested in estate planning strategies or a planned gift to PSC, please call (619) 223-1640.

Our planned giving partners are:

Sally A. Bixler, CRPC Vice President- Investments
and Pina Carino, CFP, CRPC First Vice President-Investments
The Bixler-Carino Wealth Management Group

Charitable giving may provide federal income tax deductions, and gifting certain appreciated assets can result in reduced taxes, depending on your eligibility and specific situation. 

In addition, a charitable remainder trust can provide regular cash flow while excluding some assets from your taxable estate. 


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