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Dennis has been with The Peninsula Shepherd Center since 2017. Dennis loves spending time with family and friends. He also loves people watching and lemons. Dennis believes in leaving people laughing - even if it is at you! His motto is "dance like nobody's watching" and always remember " the Golden Rule!" 


Rob has been with the Shepherd Center 10 years. He grew up in Brooklyn.  After graduating college specializing in Maritime studies he went on to work building ships and in the nuclear industry. He teaches sailing, captains boat charters, leads walks for Walkabout and mentors young people. His favorite quote is from Plato: " It gives me great pleasure to converse with the aged. They have been over the road that all of us travel and know it is rough and difficult and where it is level and easy".  


Neil is returning as a Peninsula Shepherd Center driver after taking a few years off from driving. He is a long time member of All Souls' Episcopal Church and is active in many of their programs. He enjoys gardening, reading and baking in his spare time. It is good to be back seeing many familiar faces and meeting new riders. Because of you I have learned many shortcuts around Point Loma and found many interesting neighborhoods.


Cici has been with the Peninsula Shepherd Center since 2011. She is currently the Owner and Operator of Offshore Blue Adventures, a whale watching company located in San Diego. She grew up as an Air Force Brat and lived all over the place. 

She worked in NYC as a currency trader before moving to San Diego. 

She loves driving the ladies to their appointments and loves listening to their stories of "old Point Loma"!

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