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Like to play Bingo? Join us every Tuesday to play Bingo, (ZINGO)  Win prizes and meet new friends during this fun virtual experience.

Email lisa@sdpsc.org or lrudich@sdpsc.org to join. You can also call the office at 619 223-1640 

Zoom Presentations for June

Thursday, July 15th at 11:00am

"Sunset Cliffs with Kathy Blavatt

Author Kathy Blavatt grew up on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. She has personal

insights and knowledge of history about Point Loma’s beloved Sunset Cliffs Park. Kathy also talks about the visionaries, the Theosophists, WWII, watersports pioneers, horticulturists, and others that left their loving marks on the park and the adjoining community. 

Call PSC at 619 223-1640 or email Lisa@sdpsc.org for more information and to RVSP.

Thursday, July 22nd at 11:00am in the PSC Lounge and on Zoom

Viking River Cruise from Basel Switzerland to Rotterdam, Holland

Join PSC Board Member Stan Follis as he takes us on a adventure on a Viking River Cruise. Enjoy pictures from his cruise to Basel Switzerland and Rotterdam, Holland. Added features will be views from Google Maps of the trip with tips on how to use this feature when using Google Photos. Call PSC at 619 223-1640 or email lisa@sdpsc.org for more information and to RVSP.

Thursday, August 19th at 11:00 in PSC Lounge and on Zoom

The Short and Perilous Career of U. S. Naval Airships

Join Karen Scanlon as she presents about U.S. Naval Airships. The U.S Navy had high hopes of developing a vital airship program to assist its floating fleet, but dreams were dashed with misfortune. Were airships a bad idea? Coronado, incidentally, was to be the West Coast airship terminus. Visits to San Diego by three of the five sky giants met.  To join this Zoom series email Lisa at lisa@sdpsc.org or call  (619)990-9758 to sign up.

Past Presentations:

Enjoy a trip to Butan with Bob Keck

Trolley to Beach with the OB Historical Society 

Mars Rover Presentation with David McColl

Norway's Northern Lights

Remembering the 50's