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Boo Brunch, Bunco and Bingo Fundraiser with Friends of PSC
Ice Cream Social
We kicked off our re-opening with our 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social. 
Ice CreamSocial 2021 2.jpg
Ice CreamSocial 2021 1.jpg
BSC Scout Troupe 555
Thank you to the BSC Troupe 555 for all their generous help with planting our succulent garden. We couldn't have done it without you.
Boy Scouts 4.jpg
Boy Scouts Photos.jpg
Boy Scouts 3.jpg
Longtime Member and Friend of PSC Bob Keck's going away party. 
Bob Keck Cake.jpg
Bob Keck Going Away Party.jpg
Wine Tasting Fundraiser at The Point Loma Assembly
PSC Member Christmas Party
Jean & Jim.jpg
Senior Lounge Xmas.jpg
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